L2jFrozen 1.5 es un proyecto Interlude basado en el datapack L2jFrozen 1132 con muchas mejoras realizadas. Este proyecto es gratuito.

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  • group Introduction
    Explanation for beginners (Assessments) of the datapack.

  • comment Custom Quest
    • Creation of personalized Quest (Client - Server). The NPC that the client has will be used.
    • Modification of existing Quest.
  • data_usage Adaptation
    Reformatting code from a different or different chronicle datapack with structure similar to the datapack used.
  • chat_bubble NPC
    • Development of customized NPC
    • Modification of NPC (source code)
    • Improvement of NPC
  • group_add Assistance
    • Update the server source code
    • Server maintenance
    • Backup of the database
    • Migrating the server to a new Host
  • settings_ethernet Repository
    • Creating private or public SVN repository
    • Creation of private or public GIT repository
    • Explanation of why to use SVN or GIT repository
  • widgets Web design
    Design of your FRONT-END website (HTML and CSS3), that is, only what you can see, an example would be this website.
  • web Website
    • Website adaptable to different screens. In the videos you can find everything it contains.
    • Configure website to connect to Lineage 2 server
  • forum Forum
    Custom forum for your server.

  • cloud_upload Deployment
    • Configure VPS server, dedicated or cloud Windows Server for Lineage 2 server
    • Configure VPS server, dedicated or cloud Linux for Lineage 2 server
    • Deploy Lineage 2 server in VPS, dedicated or Windows Server cloud
    • Desplegar servidor Lineage 2 en VPS, dedicado o cloud Linux
    • Configure Lineage 2 server online in VPS, dedicated or Windows Server cloud
    • Configure Lineage 2 server online in VPS, dedicated or cloud Linux
    • Advice for mounting L2 server using local Linux or production
  • extension Development
    • Development of custom code
    • Development of customized systems
  • collections Textures
    Creation of an icon, image or button for Interlude. The image is required in PNG, JPG, BMP ... etc format
  • public Hosting
    Recommendation and suggestion about the best hosting for your Lineage II server or website worldwide:
    • Host VPS / Dedicated / Cloud
    • Web host
    • Good broadband
    • DDoS mitigation
  • sync Actualizador
    Configuración de actualizador para el cliente Lineage 2
  • vpn_lock SmartGuard
    Instalación de SmartGuard para servidores Java popularmente conocidos como L2j

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